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Cover girl

First-ever plus-size model graces Women’s Running magazine

By WITW Staff on July 20, 2015

The cover of Women’s Running magazine features Erika Schenk, the first-ever plus-size model to grace the cover, has been earning praise all over the Internet. The 18-year old Californian model says she was astonished by the support and her family is “overwhelmingly proud.” She was slated to appear in one of the magazine’s inside features on how athletic brands are expanding their products to produce clothes for all sizes, but landed the August cover after impressing the editors. The magazine’s editor-in-chief Jessica Sebor said part of her intention was to help readers understand that runners come in all shapes and sizes. “You can go to any race finish line, from a 5K to a marathon, and see that. It was important for us to celebrate that.” Schenk, who loves swimming, sand volleyball and running barefoot on the beach, said she hoped her appearance would inspire others. “Our generation has taken leaps and bound towards less judgement and more acceptance. It makes me proud to see people responding positively to a curvy and proud woman who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

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