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Adventures with 2016 presidential candidates: Two girls go on selfie mission

This summer, two New Hampshire sisters have been snagging selfies with the 2016 presidential hopefuls

Donald Trump with Addy and Emma Nozell. (Twitter)

Addy and Emma Nozell are too young to vote in the next presidential election, but that hasn’t stopped the two sisters from taking a great interest in the candidates. The Nozells challenged themselves to snap selfies with as many of the 2016 candidates as possible and now their selfie mission has gone viral.

Addy, 17, and Emma, 15, hail from New Hampshire, a state that’s always a hotbed of political activity because it holds the first primary in every election cycle, and is a top priority for those seeking the land’s highest office. The Nozells have made the most of the ample opportunities with a crowded field of GOP presidential hopefuls constantly pressing the flesh in the Granite State.

According to The Associated Press, the girls’ spontaneously cooked up the idea after Emma snapped a photo of herself with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie while he was visiting an ice cream shop in Nashua on July 2. “I took a selfie with him, and then Addy decided, ‘Why not get `em with everyone?'” Emma told the AP.

Since then, they’ve snagged selfies with almost all of the big names in the race –and even with some candidates you may not have even known are running.

The teen’s parents are reportedly proud of their courage in approaching the candidates and asking for selfies.

“My husband and I fully endorse this challenge,” Wendy Thomas, their mom, remarked in an interview with CNN last week. “Selfies are here to stay and it looks like the candidates are doing a good job of being gracious about taking them.”

Sometimes convincing a presidential hopeful to pose for a selfie is no easy task. Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon, is notoriously anti-selfie, but the Nozells convinced him to snap one. And Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who basically made a beeline to New Hampshire after jumping in the race last week, started to give them a brush-off when they approached him last week, the AP reported. But the girls simply wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“I was like, ‘No, we gotta take it now,'” Emma told the AP. Sure enough, Walker gave them the selfie.

The girls told CNN they expected Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to be among the most difficult selfies to capture. But Trump, despite the whirlwind of controversy that surrounds him wherever he goes, turned out to be a breeze.

“His handlers said, ‘These are the girls,’ and he said, ‘Oh, alright, let’s get the selfie,'” Addy said, according to the AP. “We were flabbergasted. Wow. He knew!”

The two are chronicling their adventures with presidential hopefuls with the @prezselfiegirls Twitter account. And how do they manage to pull of these selfies when candidates like Trump haven’t already been prepped? “Usually we just find a hole and we sneak our way into him,” Addy told CBS News.

So far, the two have yet to land a selfie with Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, among a few others. On Monday, the girls effort to cross Rubio off their list was foiled when he fell ill and was a no-show at a campaign event. The sisters tweeted, “No @marcorubio today (he’s sick) #Presidentialselfiegirls,” and wished him a swift recovery, adding, “We wish @marcorubio the best to get better! #presidentialselfiegirls ☺️

Inspiration. The selfie challenge started after this one with Chris Christie on July 2:

The Donald was already prepared to take his selfie with the girls — hair and all:

The one that didn’t get away — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker:

Jeb Bush is having fun here. Really:

And there they are with Carly Fiorina:

Oh, look! A Democrat — former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley:

Ben Carson put aside the philosophical qualms he has with selfies and posed with one of the Nozell sisters:

Rick Perry, who apparently lacks selfie experience, was unsure where to look:


Meet Ohio Gov. John Kasich. He’s running for the GOP nomination (in case you didn’t know):

Another Democrat — former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee:

Two for the price of one with Lindsey Graham:


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