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New study shows it’s nearly impossible for obese people to reach a normal weight

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According to a new study, it is nearly impossible for people who are obese to reach a normal weight. Newsmax reported that the study tracked over 176,000 British adults and showed that in any given year, “obese men had a 1-in-210 chance of dropping to a normal weight.” Women who participated in the study fared better, with 1-in-124 odds of their weight dropping to normal. Both male and female participants were, however, likely to shed five percent of their body weight, which brings health benefits including lower blood pressure. Researchers reported to the American Journal of Public Health that more than 75 percent gained the weight back within five years.  According to Caroline Apovian, a spokeswoman for the Obesity Society, the bright side is that this study was based on medical records, so no one knows whether these people were even trying to lose weight, or what methods they used if they were trying. Though these are sound real-world results, Apovian said, “this has no relevance to how effective weight-loss programs are.”

Read the full story at Newsmax.

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