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Tennessee’s sexist anti-DUI campaign backfires

James Palinsad/Flickr

The Highway Safety Office of Tennessee has issued an apology over a controversial anti-DUI campaign which many deemed sexist and inappropriate. Coasters and fliers appeared around bars in Nashville last weekend, some of which featured slogans that read, “After a few drinks the girls look hotter and the music sounds better. Just remember: If your judgement is impaired, so is your driving.” Others read, “Buy a drink for a marginally good-looking girl, only to find out she’s chatty, clingy, and your boss’s daughter.” The campaign sparked outrage from bar owners and other members of the community. State lawmakers blasted the campaign — which was funded with federal dollars at a cost of  $77,096 — for its misguided effort. The Highway Safety Office eventually decided to suspend the campaign and began removing coasters and fliers from Tennessee bars on Tuesday, issuing a statement saying, “The Governor’s Highway Safety Office would like to apologize for any offense caused by the 100 Days of Summer Heat Booze It and Lose It Campaign. The marketing is often edgy and designed to grab the attention of the young male demographic. It was never the intent of the GHSO to be insensitive or insulting to women.”

Read the full story at Fox News.


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