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U.K. launches radio campaign to prevent girls from joining ISIS

Over the past year, British police have reported 43 women and girls leaving the U.K. to join ISIS, with the most high-profile case coming in February, when three schoolgirls were caught on camera fleeing the country after announcing their intentions to join the terror group. To prevent more girls from traveling to Syria to do the same, authorities recently launched a radio campaign. Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball told Al Jazeera she would tell girls contemplating joining ISIS’ ranks, “Please don’t do it, you’re being fed terrible lies by people who’ve manipulated and lured you into travelling to Syria. You might be told you’ll marry a fighter and help him in his work, but actually you’ll become the sexual partner of someone you haven’t chosen and I’m sure you’ll be the victim of abuse.”

Read the full story at Al Jazeera.

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