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Dollar dame

Rosie Rios, the woman behind the woman on the $10 bill

By WITW Staff on July 17, 2015

Last month, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that a woman of historical significance would be featured on the $10 bill. The driving force behind this campaign is Rosie Rios, the nation’s 43rd treasurer. Since Rios’ appointment in 2009, she’s made it a goal to ensure women are fairly represented on U.S. currency. One of nine children raised by a single mom, Rios attended Harvard and worked in the private sector before President Obama nominated her as treasurer. Rios was struck by the “treasure trove of history” featuring women at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. “It was a little more than obvious that women were missing from our current notes,” Rios told CNN. She made a formal presentation to then-Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, making the case for women on U.S. currency that put the whole process into motion. Designs for the new $10 note will be revealed in 2020, the 100th anniversary of women in the US receiving the right to vote.

Watch the full video on CNN.