Woman is flagged as bully after posting screenshots of herself being harassed on Facebook

Photo via Facebook

In India, a Bengaluru-based fitness trainer named Kavithaa Ravindran faced the repercussions of a social media policy gone wrong. On July 11, Ravindran received harassing messages from a man, and decided to expose his nasty and vulgar words by posting a screenshot of the messages from her Facebook timeline. She was shocked the next day when she learned that her post had been taken down by Facebook for violating bullying regulations. According to Buzzfeed, she said, “Our society/media is such that it only protects the perpetrators … it’s ok for a man to ask a random woman to show her ‘pussy’ and text filth.” According to Buzzfeed India, a Facebook representative said that the man sending the harassing messages was issued a warning, but Ravindran’s screenshots had to be removed because they violated Facebook community standards, which include sharing the name of someone who privately messaged you. The harasser deactivated his profile, after Ravindran got in touch with authorities, saying “I just felt unsafe.”

Read the full story at Buzzfeed.

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