Boys’ club

San Francisco tech crowd taking lunch break at a strip club

Photo via The Gold Club San Francisco/Facebook

The tech industry is often criticized for its boys’ club culture, and, it seems, that boys’ club is convening at the strip club a lot these days. The modern day strip club was pioneered in San Francisco in the 1960s, and today it has become the go-to lunch spot for workers from Bay Area tech startups. The Gold Club, the only strip club in San Francisco’s tech-heavy SoMa district, is often filled up by 11:45 am on weekdays, mostly by employees of the area’s tech businesses. For a $5 cover charge, visitors not only a get an eyeful, but also a stomach full in the form of a free lunch buffet, which apparently is the main attraction. Fueled by Yelp reviews and word-of-mouth, the club has embraced its clientele with a new slogan: “where the tech crowd plays.” Sometimes a woman will be seen among the otherwise all-male crowd that packs the Gold Club, but, by and large, the practice is yet another example of how male-dominated the industry is.

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