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Movement demands answers about what happened to #SandraBland

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A black woman who was driving from Illinois to Texas and was arrested last Friday was found dead in her jail cell this week. Sandra Bland, 28, had been on her way to start a new job when police in the Lone Star State pulled her over for allegedly changing lanes without signaling. At some point, authorities contend, Bland assaulted an officer and she was arrested. Video shot by an onlooker has emerged, but it only shows the incident from the time Bland was already being held down on the ground by a white police officer. She can be heard in the clip saying that her head was hurting from having been slammed into the ground. Authorities say they found Bland dead in her jail cell on Monday morning, after they’d given her breakfast. An autopsy revealed self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging as the cause of death, but friends and family are suspicious of the narrative put forth by officials. Posting on Twitter using the hashtag #SandraBland, many are speaking out, and calling for the Justice Department to take over the investigation into Bland’s death from the Texas Rangers.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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