Actress featured in “street harassment video” sues director, T.G.I. Friday’s, YouTube, Google, everybody

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Shoshana Roberts, the actress featured in the now ubiquitous “street harassment video,” is suing the director of the clip, the not-for-profit group behind the project, Google, YouTube, and T.G.I Friday’s. “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” showed Roberts getting incessantly catcalled during a day out (more than 100 times, the video asserts), and it quickly went viral on YouTube and has now amassed more than 40 million views. Roberts’ lawsuit claims that the parties involved did not have her permission to use the video to sell advertising. Pretty much every comedy enterprise under the sun put out a parody of the original video, but the T.G.I. Friday’s spoof featured portions of the original video in one of its ads (which, to be honest, is pretty funny). Roberts is seeking at least $500,000.

Read the full story at DNA Info.

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