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U.K.’s youngest member of Parliament wows House of Commons in first speech


Mhairi Black grabbed headlines back in May when she became the youngest person since 1667 to be elected to Parliament in the U.K. On Tuesday she made her first speech before the House of Commons as an elected official and her remarks are getting her a whole new round of headlines. Black, from Scotland, won over her audience with a few jokes, but soon the speech took a fiery turn. She lashed out against government policies on welfare and a recent decision to drop housing support for those below the age of 21. “We now have one of the most uncaring, uncompromising and out-of-touch governments the U.K. has seen since [late former Prime Minister Margaret] Thatcher,” Black railed at one point. Several times throughout her speech, her Parliamentary colleagues verbally agreed with Black, yelling out, “Hear, Hear!”

Read the full story and watch her entire speech at Mashable.

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