PBS documentary shows how ISIS uses women to oppress other women


Earlier this week, PBS released a documentary on Frontline called Escaping ISIS, which details the harrowing experiences of women who survived and escaped the terror group. According to PBS, their accounts “have helped document ISIS’ atrocities, and have also helped an underground network guide other women — still trapped inside ISIS territory — to find a way out.” One woman is a former member of the all-female police force who kept watch of women’s attire, whipping those in violation of the “compulsory burqa, no heels, all black, no colors.” Though ISIS restricts all women, and believes they hold the equal responsibility of carrying out jihad, the Yazidi minority sect of women is treated the worst. In the documentary, two Yazidi women recount stories they told the United Nations, of being sold as slaves at auctions, forcibly married to ISIS fighters, and repeatedly raped — and seeing the same fate happen to some girls as young as eight or nine years old.

Read the full story at PBS.


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