Life expectancy

Map shows where men die early and women survive

Sean Gallup/Getty Images


The distribution of men and women in the U.S. is far from even. Depending on where you live women could greatly outnumber men in certain age groups — or vice-versa. And the population numbers vary dramatically based on age. In the U.S., more boy babies are born than girl babies, but since women have a longer life expectancy, as a given age-group population gets older, it’s gender makeup shifts from being male-dominated to being female-dominated. In the 85 and over age group, for instance, women outnumber men a full two-to-one — even though when that age group population started out, on average, it skewed male (there are 1,050 boys born for every 1,000 girls). If all that is making your head spin, then check out the GIF created by data scientist Jishai Evers. In a matter of seconds, the animated map illustrates how the gender makeup of age groups shift throughout their lifetimes across the country. It’s fascinating.

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