First Western woman to go fight against ISIS returns back home

Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

Gill Rosenberg, an Israeli-Canadian woman originally from British Columbia, who is believed to be the first Western woman to voluntarily join the fight against the ISIS has returned home safely. Rosenberg, who served on the Israeli Defense Force, joined the controversial Kurdish Women’s Protection Units in late 2014 to to take up fight against ISIS on the frontlines. According to Reuters, she also went to fight for Dwekh Nawsha, a Christian militia in Iraq. In December of 2014, ISIS forces falsely claimed to have captured her. Talking to Israeli TV and radio stations on Monday, Rosenberg explained what had compelled her to go fight ISIS and then go back home to Jerusalem. “I think we as Jews, we say ‘never again’ for the Shoah, and I take it to mean not just for Jewish people, but for anyone, for any human being, especially a helpless woman or child in Syria or Iraq,” she told Israel’s Army Radio on Monday. “But in the past few weeks I think a lot of the dynamics have changed there, in terms of what’s going on in the war. The Iranian involvement is a lot more pronounced. Things changed enough that I felt that it was time to come home.” Several other Canadian citizens have gone to join armed groups battling ISIS in the region, but the Canadian government advises against doing so, urging any citizen eager to fight to instead “join the Canadian Armed Forces.”

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