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Facebook’s new virtual assistant has a woman’s name (of course)

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Facebook is rumored to be adding a new virtual assitant to its Messenger app, which would help its users perform several tasks and, disappointingly, the social media giant has codenamed the project “Moneypenny,” after James Bond’s famous secretary. Quartz points out that this forms part of a trend where technology firms bestow what would appear to be genderless virtual assistants with female names (Clara, Cloe, Julie, Riley, Amy, Siri), designed to help people with activities like scheduling meetings or researching products. The news, which hasn’t been confirmed by Facebook, comes just a week after the company announced that women would be moved to the forefront in the Friends icon, a move instigated by a female designer who did not want to imply that women stand in the shadow of men.

Read the full story at Quartz.

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