Abu Dhabi jails Australian woman for “writing bad words” on Facebook

Photo via Twitter

Traveling to Abu Dhabi soon? You may want to read this first. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a news TV show reported that an Australian woman in Abu Dhabi was recently arrested and jailed for “writing bad words on social media.” After 39-year old graphic designer Jodi Magi posted a photo on her Facebook page of a car parked across two disabled parking spaces, with the license plate number blanked out, a complaint landed her in court. Magi said she was then told she was guilty of “writing bad words on social media about a person,” and would be deported. Magi told ABC, “I have zero idea [what I have done wrong]. I used the Internet.” She tried voluntarily deporting herself, for a fine of $3,600, but local authorities refused to allow her to leave the country, saying she must present herself at court. When she arrived in court, she was promptly arrested and jailed. From the back of a police van she told the news show, “No one’s talking to me. No one’s telling me what’s going on … they were about to put me in male lock-up and then they turned me away and no one knows what to do with me. I’m pretty scared”.

Read the full story at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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