Woman’s song

Iranian singer is breaking cultural boundaries

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Tehran Unveiled is a series of short videos from Refinery29 that’s dedicated to profiling Iranian female artists, musicians, and activists who are actively and subtly fighting against the limitations the regime places on their creativity. In one installment, Ghazal, an Iranian singer and musician, discusses her passion for music despite her not being allowed to perform as a soloist. In Iran, women are only allowed to perform if they’re accompanied by heavy male background vocals or as background singers themselves. However, that doesn’t stop Ghazal. She recalls that her mother used to say that “limitations are like water, we need to learn how to swim without getting wet.” She also suggests that these restrictions force her and other women in the artistic community to be creative in presenting their work. In a country where female singers are striving to transition from background singers to solo vocalists, Ghazal, and others, are taking serious risks for creative freedom.

Watch the full video at Refinery29.


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