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Each member of U.S. Women’s Soccer Team gets her own Sports Illustrated cover

Sports Illustrated has decided to celebrate the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team World Cup win by publishing 25 different covers this week: one for every member of the team, one for coach Jill Ellis, and one featuring a group shot. Explaining the unprecedented decision, SI managing editor Chris Stone said “each player deserves her own cover, that’s what we settled on.” He also explained how the plan wouldn’t have come together if not for the New York City ticker-tape parade honoring them. “By the time we settled on the idea, the team was in L.A. for an event that would end mid-afternoon. The photographer we wanted to shoot it, and who had shot the finals game, Simon Bruty, was headed home to D.C. It wasn’t going to happen on Tuesday. Then New York City delivered big-time by planning Friday’s parade, which would bring the entire team to a single spot.” The covers hit newsstands on Wednesday.

Read the full story at CNN Money.

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