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Commander’s firing a sign of troubles with women integrating in Marine Corps?

Stephen Morton/The New York Times

The Marine Corps is commonly viewed as the military branch that is most resistant to full gender integration, due to its long history of male-only infantry, among other things. And evidence of that may be manifesting in the recent firing of a female commander. Lt. Col. Kate Germano was dismissed by the Marine Corps at the end of June after multiple investigations into her conduct. Since Germano had taken over female bootcamp at Parris Island, women trainees, who had long lagged behind their male counterparts, caught up and were passing rifle training and strength training at the same rate as the men. However, the Marine Corps said, Germano’s motivational style was not well-received by women Marines under her stewardship. Some of them complained that she was mistreating them, Brig. Gen. Terry Williams told The New York Times. Germano said her ability to lead was being undermined. Advocates of gender integration view the dispute as a sign of the Marines’ unwillingness to fully integrate, which the Defense Department has mandated to happen by 2016.

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