WWII pilot honored with flyover on her 99th birthday

Dorothy Olsen, a 99-year-old woman who flew fighter planes for the U.S. in the Second World War, was honored with a vintage flyover above Boeing Field in Seattle on her birthday on Sunday.  The flyover featured some of the aircraft she flew from 1943 to 1945 as one of about 1,000 servicewomen who would fly fighter planes from factories to U.S. Air Force bases where men would then fly them overseas. “You were reminded quite often about being a female and doing a man’s job,” she told KOMO News. “I flew every chance I got. I never turned down a flight, ’cause I loved it.” Olsen had a private license to fly the planes at the start of World War II and decided to join the WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots). She enjoyed flying planes fast and low to the ground because “who pays attention to the rules when you’re a fighter pilot?” and recalled how men would be astonished to see her coming out of the cockpit. “They gathered around the plane and around me, and boy I felt like Queen Elizabeth. I just loved it,” the birthday girl said.

Read the full story at The Week.

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