Single mom in Australia finds father of her child through Gumtree ad

Bianca Fazey/Facebook

Bianca Fazey, a young woman from Australia, became pregnant after a one-night stand in April 2014 and found herself without a way of getting in touch with the unknowing father. The pregnancy came as a total surprise, as she had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and believed she would never be able to have a baby. In December, she posted an ad on the classifieds website Gumtree titled “Looking for Jeremy.” She wrote: “I met a guy whose number I never saved thinking I would never see again and as it turns out … I have something that belongs to him.” Fazey goes on to describe how they met and what he looked like. Her post, however, only attracted the attention of Internet trolls, so she took it down after two days. But the story has a happy ending. In January, her baby boy Logan was born, and thanks to the media attention her ad had received, Jeremy eventually found out about her search and got in touch. “I am one lucky lady, to not only have found Logan’s Daddy but over a couple of months I have learnt he is an absolute gentleman, sweet, kind and already in love with his baby boy,” Fazey wrote on Facebook. “I am so proud and pleased to have Jeremiah in our lives.”

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