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Why the heck is Whoopi Goldberg still defending Bill Cosby?

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Even as practically the entire country has turned against disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, his old friend Whoopi Goldberg is still standing by him. She was adamant in her defense of him during an episode of the The View this week, arguing that Cosby “has not been proven a rapist.” Many have been wondering why. Justin Moyer of the The Washington Post may have gotten to the bottom of it. It turns out, the Oscar-winning actress-turned talk show host is a “patron saint of lost causes.” Moyer reports that, over the years, Goldberg has often struck the defender pose for some of American culture’s biggest offenders. She’s defended Michael Vick, Christian Bale, Mel Gibson, and even convicted rapist and fugitive film director Roman Polanski, about whose crime she said, “I know it wasn’t rape-rape.” Goldberg began as a stand-up comic, so one explanation could be that she relishes playing the role of contrarian. However, Moyer mines her 2011 memoir and digs up some passages that may get to the heart of what’s really driving her.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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