The Week in Women: rivalry at Wimbledon, triumph at the World Cup, and e-sports gone wrong

Serena Williams at Wimbledon on July 9, 2015 in London, England. (Getty Images)

Everyone loves a great display of athletic prowess, and there’s something doubly satisfying about seeing women athletes tearing it up on the fields and courts. This week has been a smashing one for women in sports, though there were a few bumps along the way. Let’s take a look back.

Serena Williams is crushing it at Wimbledon, putting her in good standing to win the tournament’s title for the sixth time. Williams defeated Maria Sharapova this week to advance to the tournament’s final match on Saturday. Williams also won a match against her sister Venus—who has played an inspiring role in Wimbledon history—earlier on in the tournament. If only for the sake of harmonious family dinners, it’s fortunate that the Williams sisters are each other’s biggest fans.

The U.S. women’s soccer team took home the World Cup title on Sunday, beating Japan 5-2. A whopping 25.4 million people watched the game, making it the most-viewed soccer telecast of all time. And if all of that weren’t lovely enough, the team was honored with a ticker-tape parade in New York City on Friday. Because nothing says “We’re proud of you” like several tons of confetti.

Not so great at expressing national pride is England’s Football Association. The FA celebrated England’s clinching of the bronze medal during the Women’s World Cup with the following ill-advised tweet: “Our Lionesses go back to being mothers, partners, and daughters today, but they have taken on another title—heroes.” After the Twitterverse erupted in anger over this 1950s-style sexism, the tweet was deleted, an apology was issued, and the world was restored to the 21st century.

Some people, like the accomplished athletes above, play real sports  … and others, well, they just play games. Lots of them. Hardcore gamers take “e-sports” quite seriously, but one German man went way, way too far in his love for video games. A 23-year old in Western Germany was fined about $555 for drugging his girlfriend so he could continue playing video games. He put a sedative in the woman’s tea when she protested against his desire to spend the entire evening gaming. Most shocking of all, of course, is that this epic nerd managed to snag a girlfriend in the first place.


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