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Obamacare saves women billions of dollars on birth control

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Under the Affordable Care Act, all health insurance plans should cover all FDA-approved contraceptives without cost to the patient. However, it has become apparent that while prices have decreased, it is not always free of charge. The mandate includes 18 types of contraception from the pill to intrauterine devices and, since the Obamacare rollout, women have saved an estimated $1.4 billion dollars on birth control pills alone, according to a Health Affairs paper. The paper also estimated that pill users spend an average of $12.37 less per prescription and spending on IUDs has fallen by roughly $178. The mandate should have eliminated costs entirely, but there are still fees for several reasons. Some insurers did not comply with the mandate and found a loophole through which they could continue to charge, or some companies are eligible for exemption if certain plans they offer existed before 2010. Moreover, while there are 18 different types of contraceptives covered, not all are covered. Insurers are required to cover every type (pills, patches, IUDs) of contraception — but not every option within those categories, and some of the numerous types of the pill are not covered.

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