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Man fined for sedating his girlfriend … so he could keep playing video games

REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

A 23-year old German man has been fined about $555 by a court in the western German city of Castrop-Rauxel for drugging his girlfriend so he could keep playing video games. According to Germany’s Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, he put a sedative in her tea when she came home and protested the idea of him spending the entire evening gaming. The woman slept until noon the next day and kept nodding off the rest of the day, she said, adding that her boyfriend had been on drugs at the time, which contributed to their break-up a few days later.  The man confessed what he had done the next day, but insisted that he had “only put four or five drops in her tea.” The judge, however ruled that this was a deliberate assault, telling him, “Your girlfriend slept long and deeply, which didn’t harm her, but this is certainly a premeditated bodily harm.” The young man said he was trying to better his life now, as he has been off drugs for 10 months, and is soon beginning an apprenticeship.

Read the full story at The Independent.

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