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Hope Solo joins fight for equal pay in soccer

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After Team USA’s thrilling World Cup victory on Sunday, news broke that the team only received $2 million dollars — a pittance compared with the $35 million in prize money Germany’s men’s team received for winning the World Cup in 2014. The Huffington Post reported that on Tuesday, Hope Solo, U.S. Women’s National Team’s goalkeeper added her voice to the fight for higher pay for women by tweeting an image of women fighting for equal pay, and saying “could not agree more.” Megan Rapinoe, Solo’s teammate reportedly told The Guardian on Saturday before the win, “FIFA is still doing crazy things like putting our World Cup on artificial turf, but I think the people with the money just need to realize there is money to be made in our game and I think they’re seeing that now.” According to the Guardian, FIFA allocated $576 million in funding for participants of the men’s 2014 tournament, but only $15 million for the Women’s World Cup. For now, FIFA appears to be maintaining the argument that the men’s world cup earns billions of dollars more in revenue, accounting for the smaller payout to the tournament’s champion.

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