Social media miracle

Anti-suicide Facebook plea from Julie Burchill saves singer Ruby Joy’s life

Ruby Joy/Facebook

Miracles happen, even on Facebook! After waking up in a dark place Sunday morning, New Zealand-based singer-songwriter Ruby Joy logged onto Facebook, and, according to her story at The Independent, doing so saved her life. Joy’s longtime struggles with anorexia and depression contributed to suicidal thoughts, but when she went on social network, she was touched by her Facebook friend Julie Burchill’s post, “My beloved son Jack Landesman killed himself earlier this week. Look after the people you love, as I tried to and failed.” Ruby continued to read the post without realizing that Julie Burchill is a famous author and journalist in the U.K. Ruby reportedly told The Independent, “I realized that as this mother grieved for her child so to (sic) would mine grieve for me, I thought of my friends and people close to me that I would hate to hurt and put the pills away.” Ruby then sent Burchill a message to thank her, and in response Burchill posted a reply asking for Facebook friends to show Ruby their support. Ruby woke up Monday morning with “hundreds of comments and messages of love and support from strangers. It has shown me that life is precious, that lots of people are good, and that God is still doing miracles.”

Read the full story at The Independent.


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