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Women protesting Instagram censorship by photoshopping male nipples on their own

By WITW Staff on July 7, 2015

Instagram’s policy of banning any hint of a woman’s nipple (while male nipples, of course, are left alone) has been under fire for some time now, but the company still hasn’t relented on the ban. Last year, however, artist Micol Hebron created a male nipple “template” that was meant to be placed on any topless photos of women to make them more “appropriate.” On the heels of a surging #FreeTheNipple campaign and model Chrissy Teigen repeatedly posting topless photos to protest the photo-sharing app’s policy, Hebron’s nipple template has enjoyed a viral resurgence. Women are now photoshopping male nipples over their own, making their breasts more acceptable for social media. And they’re having success. Many of the #malenipples photos are left undisturbed on Facebook and Instagram, websites that must be real experts in distinguishing between male and female nipples by now.

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