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Human rights groups criticize Canada for treatment of indigenous women

REUTERS/Fred Thornhill

A Canadian human rights group told the U.N. Human Rights Committee that problems faced by the country’s indigenous population are one of the country’s most pressing issues. Amnesty International said indigenous women and girls in Canada are at least four-and-a-half times more likely to be on the receiving end of violence than other women in the country. They have asked  the U.N. Human Rights Committee for a public inquiry into this issue, which should lead to a national action plan to try and address it. The U.N. is currently conducting a review into how Canada is complying with the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights, the first time in a decade that Canada is being investigated by the U.N. panel. The U.N. has been demanding that Canada hold an inquiry into violence against indigenous women for seven years now, but Stephen Harper’s conservative government has not been very receptive of the criticism.

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