Punitive policy

Chinese company tells women staffers to get pregnant according to schedule — or else

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

A company in northern China has reportedly ordered its female employees to schedule their pregnancies in advance with management. If women then give birth outside of that scheduled window of time, they will reportedly lose year-end bonuses and possibly reduce their chances at promotion. Moreover, women employees must log at least a year working at the company before they’re allowed to have a baby. An unnamed official for the company, a credit union, reportedly said it recently hired many young women and is trying to avoid having numerous women employees simultaneously out of the office on maternity leave. The official went on to say that the credit union would reconsider the new policy if most people disagreed with it. The Wall Street Journal contacted the company and spoke to a representative who claimed to know nothing of the new policy. Legal experts in China are reportedly saying the policy is illegal, and it’s been harshly judged in the court of public opinion there as well.

Read the full story at South China Morning Post.


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