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Bill Cosby admitted obtaining drugs to give women that he wanted to have sex with

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Legendary and disgraced comedian Bill Cosby reportedly admitted in 2005 that he obtained quaaludes with the intent to use them to give to women he wanted to have sex with, The Associated Press reported late on Monday. The AP obtained court documents from a deposition in a sexual abuse lawsuit that Cosby, 77, gave back in 2005 and ultimately settled in 2006. His legal team had been blocking the release of the documents because they said the contents would embarrass the comedy legend. The details contained in the newly-released documents are damning. According to the AP, Cosby admitted under oath to obtaining the quaaludes in the 1970s and holding on to them long after they’d been outlawed. He also admitted to giving one woman Benadryl and dodged questions about whether he gave women quaaludes without their knowledge. Dozens of women have made sexual assault allegations against Cosby in the last year, and in May, he attempted to defend himself in a bumbling appearance made on ABC’s Good Morning America.

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