Female professor fired for using colorful language

Associate professor of education Teresa Buchanan was fired earlier this month after being accused of using off-color language, causing a potential Title IX violation under sexual harassment. Buchanan was a tenured professor at Louisiana State University for more than 20 years. According to The Nation her alleged language included using the word “pussy” in a private off-campus conversation with another teacher, saying “fuck no” in class, and making a joke in class about sex declining in long-term relationships. Buchanan reportedly told The Nation that she doesn’t remember saying the word “pussy” to anyone. A faculty committee review determined there was no evidence she used this language “systematically directed at any individual,” and recommend she be censured, but instead the university administration decided to dismiss her. Buchanan’s firing comes after a Northwestern feminist film professor was also brought up on Title IX violation charges for an essay titled “Sexual Paranoia Strikes the Academe.” According to Alan Cubbage, vice president of university relations at Northwestern, “In these cases, university administrations typically insist that they’re just following the law. It’s required by federal law to investigate and respond when there are allegations of actions or statements that might violate Title IX”. Buchanan plans to sue the university.

Read the full story at The Nation.

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