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Right to die

Depressed woman granted the right to end her life

By WITW Staff on July 4, 2015

A clinically depressed woman in Belgium has been granted the right to end her own life. At 24, ‘Laura’ claims to have suffered from depression since she was very young and told the local newspaper De Morgen, “life, that’s just not for me.” She does not necessarily see death as a choice, saying that she has tried everything but cannot find a way to live a life that is bearable. Laura’s parents had her at a very young age and her grandparents raised her in a stable and peaceful home. While she believes her childhood somewhat contributed to her suffering, she said, “I am convinced that I had had this death wish even though I grew up with a quiet, stable family.” Belgium legalized euthanasia in 2002 and since then has had about 1,400 cases per year, a number that increased to 1,800 in 2013 when the law was extended to include terminally ill children. Laura’s decision is apparently part of a slight increase in the number of young people wishing to end their own lives. She is currently in the process of planning her own funeral along with her final words for her mother and grandmother.

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