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Website may help transgender patients find competent doctors

RAD Remedy/Facebook

As a transgender man, Kade Clark hasn’t always had an easy time at the doctor. According to Clark, more than half of trans people have to teach their doctors how to treat them, and 19 percent are refused care. Even in a city as diverse as New York, doctors don’t always know how to treat transgender patients. One doctor Clark went to asked him what prescription he wanted, then wrote him the wrong one. That experience inspired Clark, along with three other trans-identifying people, to found a new website, MyTransHealth. Like other doctor-recommendation and booking sites (ZocDoc, DocMatcher), MyTransHealth will let users browse doctors by location and specialty, but this site only includes doctors who have been trained in treating transgendered people. The site will launch a Kickstarter campaign this month, and Clark hopes the site will start beta testing in New York and Miami shortly after. Another organization called RAD Remedy, currently in beta-launch mode, is also working to connect transgender patients to information and care. Community members can access a database of care providers, and provide feedback and reviews.

Read the full story at The Daily Dot.

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