Women pastors in South Carolina receive sexist letters


Three female pastors received hateful letters in South Carolina churches this week. The pastors are from three separate African Methodist Episcopal churches in Clarendon County, S.C., and all received the same letter from someone who goes by “Apostle Prophet Harry Leon Fleming.” The letters were filled with hateful statements and Bible verses explaining that it was wrong to have a woman as a pastor. Following claims such as “the woman cannot be head of the man in church, home and the world,” the author called for the pastors to step down from their religious duties and repent. To make matters worse, the author threatened that if they did not do so both themselves and their children would be killed. Pastor Mary Rhodes was the first to receive the letter and told WIS-TV that sexism in the church is neither uncommon nor new, but that it is “hidden under the other issues that are there.” Rhodes reportedly said she plans to continue preaching, despite the letter and hopes that the author is found. The Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office posted deputies outside each of the churches to ensure citizens are able to worship in peace.

Read the full story at The New York Daily News.

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