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Woman creates beautiful bras for breast cancer survivors

Photo via AnaOno Intimates

After enduring a double mastectomy at age 28, Dana Donofree could not find lingerie that fit her new body, so, inspired to remedy that problem, she created AnaOno Intimates. The lingerie line focuses on helping women feel beautiful after they’ve gone through breast cancer related surgeries. The brand will formally launch this summer after a soft-launch last fall. Despite the fact that more than 200,000 women in America will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and more than 93 percent are projected to receive surgical treatment, “survivor bras” are nowhere to be seen in mainstream stores like Victoria’s Secret. After her own surgery, Donofree reportedly told Mic, “I felt a loss of identity and a loss of my ‘sexy’ self, and every day was a struggle, not only physically, but emotionally … Finding a bra that resembles what we wore before cancer changes everything, from attitude to confidence to the clothes we wear.” For decades, women have had to rely on ordering bras from their medical suppliers. The goal of AnaOno Intimates as Donofree puts it directly is, “to make women feel strong and beautiful again”.

Read the full story at Mic.


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