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Watch: 50 seconds of "I'm sorry"

Sorry not sorry

Why are women always apologizing?

By Jennifer Perry on July 1, 2015

Have you counted how many times you’ve said “sorry” this month, this week, today? Women might be surprised how often they’re using the word to apologize for things they shouldn’t be sorry for. “For so many women, myself included, apologies are inexorably linked with our conception of politeness,” wrote Sloane Crosley in a New York Times Op-Ed titled: Why Women Apologize and Should Stop. “Somehow, as we grew into adults, ‘sorry’ became an entry point to basic affirmative sentences,” Crosley observed upon realizing she had packed three apologies into one meal.

Comedienne Amy Schumer famously tackled the topic on her show Inside Amy Schumer with a skit that shows a panel of women at a conference repeatedly apologizing for everything from the host mispronouncing their names to a simple request for drinking water. “Can I actually have a water, sorry, I’m just allergic to caffeine,” says one of the female panelists on stage. Schumer’s hilarious take on the topic, while exaggerated, is an important reminder of just how out of control the culture of apologizing has become. Above, check out our supercut of women onscreen saying “sorry.”