International mystery

Officials baffled by woman who turned up in Calif. speaking with an English accent and no memory of how she got there

Screen Shot via NBC7

Back in February, firefighters in Carlsbad, Calif., stumbled upon a disheveled woman standing on a street corner who seemed confused and had no personal belongings and no recollection of how she got there. She called herself “Sam” and spoke with an English accent. Firefighters brought her in for medical care and doctors diagnosed her with stage three ovarian cancer. Some of the doctors have reportedly theorized that the antibodies from the tumors could lead to memory loss. Sam is officially listed on Interpol’s website at “identity unknown.” Her case has been drawing international attention since a Facebook page that is said to be managed by her friends emerged last week. Adding to the mystery, she does have some vivid memories, the Facebook page notes, of major tourist spots in Australia and a home in Hawaii that she’s apparently recalled through dreams. According to Mashable, there’s no evidence to suggest that Sam’s story is fabricated, but similar stories in the past have occasionally proved to be hoaxes.

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