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Study indicates low sex drive in women may be linked to heart rate


A new study suggests that women under 40 who have a longer heart rate variability (HRV), or the length of time between heartbeats, may experience more issues involving sexual dysfunction or low libido. Researchers say the discovery is important because it could help doctors pinpoint which patients might benefit from libido-increasing drugs like flibanserin, the so-called “Viagra for women” that was recommended for FDA approval by a panel of experts earlier this month. However, flibanserin remains controversial and some experts still think the drug’s risks outweigh its benefits. The researchers who conducted the HRV study said their findings are similar to the results studies on men with erectile dysfunction have shown. “Low HRV has been associated with blunted emotional response,” said Amelia Stanton, the study’s lead author. “So both blood flow and emotional responding play large roles in female sexual function.”

Read the full story at Newser.

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