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Everything is awesome

LEGO gets feminist with more diverse line of female characters

By WITW Staff on June 30, 2015

The world’s largest toy-company decided to play its part for gender equality when it released a massively popular line of female scientist ‘minifigures’ last year. The idea was born on the LEGO Ideas website where fans can come up with their own product lines. LEGO considers an idea submitted there if it amasses at least 10,000 supporters. The end result was “Research Institute,” a trio comprising a female chemist, paleontologist and astronomer. As women aren’t entering the STEM fields on a large scale, and many experts believe it is largely because girls and women are rarely pushed in that direction, these toys could offer small but important encouragement to young girls. In a new line of minifigures released this month, LEGO introduced female veterinarians, deep sea explorers, aerospace engineers, mechanics, and pit crew members. LEGO is also set to release a minifigures version of the cast of “The Big Bang Theory,” including two of its main female characters: a microbiologist and a neuroscientist. Like the song in the movie goes: “Everything is awesome!’”

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