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Jury awards woman $18 million in sexual harassment case

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A federal New York jury awarded a woman suing her former Wall Street boss $18 million in damages on Monday, concluding a lengthy and bitter lawsuit. Benjamin Wey, the CEO of NY Global Group, sexually harassed and defamed his former employee Hanna Bouveng, jurors ruled. Bouveng, a model from Sweden, had sued Wey for a reported $850 million over allegations that he had harassed her in 2013 after he hired her, and then fired her in 2014 after she began refusing his sexual advances following a confrontation Wey had with her boyfriend. Wey went on to publicly smear her on a website, accusing her of being a streetwalker, among other salacious insults. He even showed up unexpectedly at the coffee shop where she worked after moving back to Sweden. Two jurors who reportedly spoke out after the verdict said they found Wey’s behavior “disturbing.”

Read the full story at The New York Daily News.

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