ISIS reportedly beheads 2 civilian women in Syria

Smoke rises behind an Islamic State flag in Saadiya in Diyala province. REUTERS/Stringer

Extremist terror group ISIS is reportedly continuing it’s grotesque campaign of atrocities and escalating its signature brand of brutality. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said ISIS has killed two civilian women and their husbands in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province after accusing them of practicing sorcery. “It is the first time that the beheading of women, by the use of sword in public, has taken place in Syria,” the Observatory’s chief, Rami Abdel Rahman said. The group said the beheadings took place on Sunday and Monday, with ISIS covering up both women and beheading them in front of numerous onlookers. Al Jazeera could not confirm whether this is the first time women had been beheaded in Syria, as they reportedly beheaded three female Kurdish Peshmerga fighters last year. But it’s likely the first time civilian women have been executed in such a barbaric fashion. The Observatory declared earlier this week that it has documented 3,027 executions carried out by ISIS since the declaration of its ‘caliphate’ including the deaths of 1,787 civilians, 74 of which were children.

Read the full story at Reuters and Al Jazeera.

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