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Columnist: teaching daughter to cook is not bad feminism


In her latest column for The Guardian, Jessica Valenti declares, “teaching my daughter to cook does not make me a bad feminist.” Though some see women toiling in the kitchen as a relic of the past, “thanks in part to horrid ‘50s housewives caricatures and home economics classes,” and others joke women should “get back in the kitchen,” Valenti believes that teaching her daughter to cook is an essential part of helping her become an independent woman. Though Valenti says her mother is a feminist, the fact that she did most of the “women’s work” during her childhood, operating in traditional gender roles, led her to believe cooking was an oppressive paradigm that trapped women. It was only after becoming a mother herself that Valenti became comfortable with cooking, realizing some of her best childhood memories were cooking with her mother. Now, Valenti cooks with her daughter, “teaching her that sometimes joy trumps the perception of politics, and that there is a pleasure in preparing good food, when it’s a choice and not a chore.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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