Legal battle

Emma Sulkowicz accused of “anti-male campaign”

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When Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz publicly accused fellow student Paul Nungesser of sexual assault this past April, he retaliated by filing a lawsuit against the school, claiming the university allowed “gender-based harassment and defamation” against him. Jezebel reports that Nungesser’s attorney recently made a court filing saying Sulkowicz engaged in “a gender based anti-male discriminatory harassment campaign.” On July 1, both parties will hold a pre-trial status conference. Columbia’s attorney, Robert A. Kaplan, and Nungesser’s attorney, Philip A. Byler, released a joint letter to The Wall Street Journal detailing each side’s arguments. Byler has a reputation for representing male students against sexual assault allegations, in the letter he said that Columbia supported a “hostile educational environment” by allowing Sulkowicz to carry her mattress in protest, despite the fact that Columbia told students not to “bring large objects” to the graduation ceremony, and Sukowicz defied the order in her quest for justice. According to Jezebel, Nungesser hasn’t articulated how much he is seeking in damages, but he claims that he suffered “harm to his physical well-being, emotional and psychological damages, damages to reputation, past and future economic losses, loss of educational and athletic opportunities, and loss of career prospects.”

Read the full story at Jezebel.

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