Behind bars

China’s female prisoner population soars

A woman inmate in Beijing, China. China Photos/Getty Images

Startling new data from U.S. prisoner’s rights organization Dui Hua reveals that China’s female prison population increased 46 percent in the past 10 years while the male prison population only rose 10 percent. Currently, women represent only 6.4 percent of China’s entire prison population, but if the trend continues China will house more female prisoners than the United States—home of the world’s largest prison population, in only five years. BBC News reports that this data doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of women in forced education camps, mandatory drug rehabilitation, and juvenile detention. Deputy director Dr. Cheng Lei of the Renmin University Centre for Criminal Procedure and Reform Dr. said, “In the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in non-violent crimes involving women such as drug trafficking and telecommunication fraud,” adding that “In the past, a lot of women in prison were victims of domestic violence and had committed crimes in relation to that, but that figure has stabilized.”

Read the full story at BBC News.

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