Brave mom raising breast cancer awareness with beautiful post-surgery photos

The Honest Body Project/Facebook

When Jennifer, a breast cancer survivor and mother of two, found Natalie McClain’s The Honest Body Project, she knew the two could team up to create positive change by sharing post-surgery images that highlight the beautiful bodies of breast cancer survivors. McClain, a photographer, created the project to empower mothers and their children to feel confident about their bodies. The project shares personal portraits of mothers’ bodies showcased with intimate narratives about their lives. Jennifer told The Huffington Post she was inspired by the women whose photos she’d seen, and encouraged to share her own pictures. “As I was processing the landscape of breast cancer treatment, researching, deciding, coming to realizations, the one thing that bound all of my decision making together [was] my boys,” she said. When McClain photographed her, it was only days after hearing news that her own mother-in-law had been diagnosed with cancer. “I was worried I would become emotional and have a hard time, but instead I found comfort through Jennifer’s strength and bravery,” she recalled. Jennifer hopes to raise awareness of metastatic breast cancer through her photographs, and hopes other cancer survivors and patients will be inspired to share their stories.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.

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