New low

3-year-old dresses up as Frozen’s Elsa, gets attacked with racist comments

A little girl named Samara went to an Australian mall dressed up as Queen Elsa from Frozen—a completely reasonable thing to do because Samara is three, because costumes are amazing, and because she was attending a Disney-themed event. Unfortunately, things quickly turned frosty (see what we did there?!). According to a Facebook post by Rachel Muir, Samara’s mother, a woman and her two daughters told the three-year-old that “Anna and Elisa [sic] aren’t Black” and “Black is ugly.” Samara and her family are Aboriginal, and after the event, Samara reportedly asked her mother why she was born black. Once word of all this nastiness began to take off on the Internet, the one and only Queen Elsa (i.e. an actress who plays the character at Disney World) sent Samara a personalized message, reminding her to “always be yourself.” Naturally, she also suggested that Samara “let it go.”

Read the full story Mashable.

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