Sorry not sorry

Why do women always say “sorry”?

Women say “sorry” so often on a daily basis, you might think they’ve been listening to Korean pop band Super Junior’s famous single “Sorry Sorry” on repeat. The sorry usage is so widespread, in fact, that it was addressed in a popular 2014 Pantene commercial that encouraged women to stop apologizing for everything. But they still do it. There are extraneous sorrys being uttered everywhere, seemingly all the time. Whether it happens when a woman returns an unsatisfactory meal in a restaurant or while asking for a much-deserved raise, or any of a host of other innocuous scenarios, the word “sorry” — when it is not needed — often is adjoined. Comedian Amy Schumer has picked up on the phenomenon, putting together a hilarious yet powerful sketch of highly accomplished women apologizing for being who they are, and, eventually, having the right to exist. So why waste our time saying “sorry”? Why are we devaluing the power of the word by using it when it’s not needed? One common theory, pointed out by author Sloane Crosley in a New York Times Op-Ed is that “being perceived as rude is so abhorrent to women that we need to make ourselves less obtrusive before we speak up.” For more on her take, you’ll have to read her whole article at the link below. Sorry (not really).

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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