Sorry, Tim Hunt

Stress expert says men cry more at work


Earlier this month, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Tim Hunt resolutely stuck his foot into his mouth when he asserted that female colleagues a) fall in love with him, and b) cry when they are criticized. It’s probably safe to assume that the first claim is untrue, and we can be certain that the second one is false. Professor Ad Vingerhoets, the so-called “leading expert on crying,” has performed a study on workplace weeping, and guess what? He found that male professionals cry more.

Professor Vingerhoets spoke to The Guardian after London mayor Boris Johnson used Vingerhoets’ research to speak out in defense of Hunt. “The world’s leading expert on crying, Professor Ad Vingerhoets of Tilburg University, has shown that women on average cry 30-64 times a year, while men cry only between six and 17 times a year,” Johnson wrote in The Daily Telegraph. But Vingerhoets explained that he has only carried out one workplace analysis, which did not reflect these statistics. His study surveyed a group of psychotherapists, and more men than women reported that they had shed tears on the job. Vingerhoets did add that his upcoming research may indicate that women working in the medical field cry more than men, which just goes to show that R.E.M. was right: Everybody hurts, sometimes.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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