Students honor popular track coach slain in Charleston church shooting

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Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, a beloved teacher, track coach and a reverend at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, was one of the nine people killed last week in the shooting massacre there. She is being remembered by her students as a warm and loving figure in the community. “She made you feel like you had a mother away from home,” Nailah Brown, a teenager who was on Coleman-Singleton’s track team, told Cosmopolitan. Brown went on to recall how Coleman-Singleton once helped her through a difficult moment following a big race. Coleman-Singleton, who was 45, was a standout runner during her collegiate years at South Carolina State University, where her team won a championship. Those who are mourning her death, though, remember her unabated kindness and the signature terms of endearment she often had for students and runners, “sugar love” and “sugar pie” being among the favorites.

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